Can I order online for pickup?

Yes. As of May 2020, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy now permits Registered Ohio patients and caregivers to place orders online directly through our website. Simply navigate to the menu page of the dispensary nearest you to get started:

Here is how the Online Order process works:

  1. Place Your Online Pre-Order
  2. Checkout Online / Confirm Your Pickup Reservation
  3. Wait for Text, Then Go to the Dispensary
  4. Check-In
  5. Pickup Order at Register

Step 1. Place Your Online Pre-Order

Browse the menu using any of the helpful search filters for Lineage, Potency, Weights, Brands, etc. You can now build a shopping cart by clicking the Add to Cart button on any item’s detail view.

Dutchie Menu Product Detail

Once you have finished adding items to your order, click the Cart Icon at the top of the screen to view the contents of your Shopping Cart. You can review your order’s items and quantities before proceeding to the checkout screen.

Step 2. Checkout Online / Confirm Your Pickup Reservation

Click the Proceed to Checkout button on the Shopping Cart screen to advance to the Checkout screen and complete your pre-order.

The checkout screen will ask you to confirm a few important details so our staff can complete your order:

  1. Your Customer Information: Make sure you provide your full name and contact telephone number. This is how the Patient Consultant will inform you that your order is ready. Caregivers: Please enter your patient’s name (not your own!)
  2. Payment Options: Please note that although the checkout system currently only lists “Cash” as the payment option, we do accept the other payment methods listed at this link.
  3. Your Pickup Time: Select a pickup time slot.
  4. Review Items: Confirm the product summary and quantities listed are correct, as well as the total.
  5. Place Order: Once you are satisfied that all of the order information is correct, click the Place Order button to submit your order to the dispensary.

Dutchie menu checkout screenshot

At the dispensary, one of our Patient Consultants will review the following before filling your order:

If the Patient Consultant discovers an issue with any of these items, you will be contacted directly using the phone number you listed in your Customer Information and confirmed in Step 3.

Step 3. Wait for Text, Then Go to the Dispensary

When your order is ready, you will receive a text message from us. Most online pre-orders should be ready for pickup within an hour.

IMPORTANT Do not come to the dispensary before we text you confirmation that your order is ready for pick up. Arriving early will not speed up your order; it will actually have the reverse effect and delay the processing of every order in the queue — including your own.

Step 4. Check-In

When you arrive at the dispensary, advise the front desk staff that you are there to pickup a pre-order.

The front desk team member will ask for your Registry ID (card number) so they can verify your number of days supply. You will then be asked to wait in your car until your order is ready for checkout.

Step 5. Pickup Order at Register

When your order is ready for checkout, our staff will phone you, inviting you to re-enter the dispensary so we may complete you order.

At the Pickup Register, a Patient Consultant will again need to review your two key documents:

The Patient Consultant will then take your payment and complete your transaction!

Check out more Do’s and Don’ts of Purchasing Cannabis Online in Ohio, here.