Terrasana Rewards

We designed the Terrasana Rewards program to recognize our patients and customers with a new suite of services and benefits, including:

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    Personalized offers

  • Terrasana rewards coin icon

    Earn points on every purchase

  • Terrasana Rewards wallet icon

    Track & redeem your points

How Do I Sign Up?

Click here to join

(Or join in-person at your nearest Terrasana dispensary.)

Once you fill out the easy sign up form (online or in-person), you will receive a text message to opt into text communication and an email with a link to your wallet which lets you track your Rewards Points.

How Do I Earn Reward Points?

How to earn Terrasana Rewards illustration

You earn 2 Rewards Points for every dollar spent at Terrasana.

Points are earned on any order type: phone, online, and in-store.

Points may take up to 24 hours to appear in your Wallet.

How Do I Redeem My Rewards Points?

Redeem your rewards points at any Terrasana location by notifying your Patient Consultant during checkout. Points may be redeemed as follows:

Points Reward
1500 $25 off non-cannabis product
1800 $25 gift card to local restaurant
2000 $25 retail gift card
4000 $75 off non-cannabis product
12500 Free vaporizer (includes Puffcp Peal and Pax Complete)
NOTE: We are unable to discount cannabis products or give cash back per state regulations.

How Do I Refer a Patient?

    1. Open your rewards wallet, which you can access here.

  1. Click “Refer a Friend.”
  2. Share your unique link with your fellow patient.
  3. Once your referral makes a purchase, you will receive 500 rewards points, which will appear in your wallet.