How Do I Keep a Cannabis Journal?

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How to Maintain a Medical Cannabis Journal

The effects of medical cannabis can be both complex and subtle. Track your medical cannabis usage with a journal. It will cut down the time needed for the initial trial-and-error process––meaning that you will be able to determine the strain(s), methods of consumption, and dosage that work best for you.

Here are some important data points to track:

What to track in your cannabis journal:

  • How much cannabis you use
  • How you consume it
  • Which strain(s) you use
  • The time you medicate
  • Detailed information about your symptoms before and after medicating

How to track your symptoms:

  • What are your symptoms?
  • How do they affect you?
  • How long do these effects last?
  • Any other qualitative information you find useful

The information you track can be very helpful as you work with your Patient Consultant at the dispensary to select the products that are best for you. Likewise, your journal’s details can prove useful when you meet periodically with your Certified Physician (CTR).

Remember that our dispensary operations are fully HIPAA compliant and that your Patient Consultant will respect and protect your personal information.