How do I obtain my medical marijuana card?

Step 1. See a Certified Physician

The first step to become a medical marijuana patient is to establish and maintain a bona fide physician-patient relationship with a certified physician.

Those individuals interested in becoming a caregiver to a medical marijuana patient will follow these same basic steps, including the visit to a certified physician.

  • Certified Physicians: Physicians who wish to recommend medical marijuana in Ohio must have an active Certificate to Recommend (CTR) from the State Medical Board of Ohio. If your current physician does not have an active CTR, the state maintains a database of certified physicians that you can search to find a physician who is right for you:
  • Annual Visit: An in-person visit with a certified physician is required at least once per year. The cost of the visit will vary from physician to physician–so you may want to inquire about the cost of your visit prior to scheduling.

    Remember, only patients with one or more of Ohio’s qualifying medical conditions are eligible for the program. Your physician will require evidence of the qualifying condition, such as proof of diagnosis.

  • Required Identification: The physician will need the patient’s valid Ohio driver’s license, a valid Ohio identification card issued by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), or a valid United States passport.
  • Patient Registry: Certified physicians have access to the state’s Patient Registry and will submit their recommendations for a patient to receive medical marijuana directly to the Patient Registry.
  • Caregivers: A registered caregiver may possess and administer medical marijuana to patients with whom the caregiver’s registration is associated. The certified physician will need similar identification from a caregiver to establish their profile in the Patient Registry. Qualified caregivers must meet the program’s Eligibility Guidelines.
  • 90-Day Supply: A certified physician can recommend up to a 90-day supply of medical marijuana with three refills (totaling up to 360-day supply if appropriate for the patient).

Step 2. Complete your registration

  • Login to your profile: Once the recommending physician has entered the patient or caregiver into the registry, the patient/caregiver will receive an email prompting them to login to their profile in the Patient Registry. In the registry, complete your application and pay the fee.
  • Pay Fee: The annual cost of a medical marijuana registration is $50 for patients and $25 for caregivers. Patients who qualify for indigent or veteran status may be eligible for fee reductions.
  • When do I get my card? Once you have completed your profile and paid the registration fee, you can print a copy of your card from the Patient Registry website. However, you do not need to bring a printed copy of your card when you visit the dispensary.

You may now purchase medical marijuana from any approved dispensary in Ohio. Terrasana has four locations serving patients across the state. Visit our Cleveland, Columbus, Fremont, or Springfield Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Click here for more information about registering as a medical marijuana patient or caregiver in Ohio.