HB 523 Program Basics

On September 16, 2018 the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 523, to authorize the use of marijuana for medical purposes and to establish the Medical Marijuana Control Program.

The passage of HB 523 allowed for the creation of Ohio’s medical marijuana industry, which is comprised of the following key players:

  • Cultivators grow various strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant in controlled environments.
  • Processors convert the raw plant material into different products.
  • Testing Labs conduct quality assurance tests on batches of every product sold in Ohio.
  • Dispensaries, like those operated by Terrasana, sell the tested product to registered patients and/or their registered caregivers.

How Do I Purchase Medical Marijuana in Ohio?

  1. See a certified physician
  2. Activate your registration
  3. Visit any approved dispensary

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How do I obtain my medical marijuana card?