Pink Certz | Live Badder



Lineage: The Menthol x Grape Gasoline

Top Terpenes: Limonene, Caryophyllene, Linalool

Aroma: Hoppy with slight mint

ABOUT: At harvest plants are immediately frozen in order to preserve the terpene and cannabinoid profile of the cultivar. Processed through hydrocarbon extraction, heat and pressure are utilized to leave behind a terpene sauce and THCa diamonds. Whipping the oil in post-processing allows us to achieve a Badder consistency. Live Resin is often noted to include increased flavor as the fresh frozen process preserves the cultivar’s profile.

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About the brand :

Certified is family-owned, operated, and based out of Dayton, Ohio. Their facility has hosted family businesses for three generations. From auto parts to sushi and now medical cannabis. Certified prides themselves on their passion for high quality, science, and design to create an exceptional medical cannabis experience.

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