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JBAD Sour Peach (Field Pack) | Gummies

The Butterfly Effect Premium Edible J-BAD Jellie provides all-natural, full spectrum, CO2 derived cannabis oil infused puck style gummies. Created to deliver maximum THC access and rapid onset, our Green Apple Sour Jellies are 110mg THC per puck and are designed to be ripped into four quarters with...

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Peaches N Cream | Vape Pen | [.98g]

Hybrid Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Humulene, Bisabolol. Lineage: Unknown. — Fuzed is a naturally flavored, disposable vape that is sure to satisfy the discerning, flavor-seeking vape users. Its clean, compact design allows for discreet usage, while its ceramic heating coil ensures...

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Van He’ll Sing | Vape Pen | [.35g]

Hybrid — Roach is a coin pocket-sized, strain-specific vape pen. Roach is a disposable vaporizer that contains 0.35g of cannabis oil. Each package includes a fully charged battery not intended to be reused once the live resin cannabis oil is consumed.

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Baklava (popcorn) | Hybrid | [2.83g]

Hybrid Terpenes: Unknown Lineage: Kosher Kush x Gelato 41 Our growers are committed to delivering you the highest quality mix of classic and new strains throughout the year, with individualized care given to each and every plant.

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About Terrasana

At Terrasana, our team is committed to providing cannabis education, natural marijuana treatment options, and exceptional care to Ohio’s medical marijuana patients. Our company is focused first and foremost on creating a safe and welcoming environment for our patients and offering products that are carefully curated to provide quality care. We are also proud to be the only Ohio medical cannabis company operated by a Physician and Doctor of Pharmacy, as well as the first cannabis company to open a dispensary location in Central Ohio.

Each of our Ohio dispensaries offers its own unique menu of medical marijuana products including edibles, cannabis tinctures, topicals, vapes, and more. Every Terrasana cannabis dispensary also operates under a comprehensive set of guidelines and protocols as defined by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, ensuring a secure and compliant experience for all of our Ohio patients.

Terrasana helps patients along their personal healing journey by empowering them with education and providing safe access to natural medical marijuana from the good earth.

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