Who can become a caregiver?


Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Control Program provides for caregivers who are designated by registered patients to assist them and act on their behalf at the dispensary. Caregivers are authorized to purchase, transport, and administer medical marijuana to their designated patients.

Caregiver Eligibility

  • Age: Caregivers must be at least 21 years of age. An exception is made for the young parents of minor children who are on the patient registry.
  • Residency: Caregivers must be a resident of the state of Ohio at the time of application and remain a resident while they participate in the MMCP program.
  • Designation: A caregiver must be designated by a registered patient. The state board of pharmacy will register only two caregivers per patient.
  • Number of Patients: Each registered caregiver may only care for two designated patients. The state does allow for some exceptions to this rule in the case of hardship, hospice, and other situations.
  • Exclusions: Caregiver status is restricted to certain individuals. The state board of pharmacy will deny caregiver applications for individuals listed on databases such as:
    • United States GSA contractor database
    • State nurse aide registry
    • Dept. of Rehabilitation and Corrections database
    • Ohio DODD online abuser registry
    • National sex offender public website

Caregiver Registration

Caregivers are registered in the MMCP system much like a patient. The candidate caregiver must schedule an appointment with a CTR physician, complete their application, and pay the $25 registry fee. Read the full registration process here.