Terrasana’s Best Marijuana Tinctures

In the past, marijuana tinctures were overlooked, but they are gaining more popularity due to their ability of providing multiple benefits, as well as being used in multiple ways. Plus, with new scientific advances in formulation, cannabis tinctures are providing more customizable experiences for consumers to enjoy. 

Marijuana tinctures are made by steeping flowers, stems, etc., from the hemp plant in a food-grade liquid, like MCT coconut oil, glycerin, or alcohol. After the plant soaks in the liquid for a few days, the hemp-based ingredients are removed and the liquid is tested for safety and efficacy. Then, it is ready for consumers to enjoy. 

Marijuana tinctures come with tons of benefits, because they can be used in many different ways. Not only can you ingest them underneath your tongue for a faster experience, but you can also use them topically. Many people use certain marijuana tinctures as hair products, skin oils, and even facial serums, because they are known to dramatically soothe and improve the skin’s appearance. Other people include marijuana tinctures in daily recipes, like a breakfast smoothie, add it to tea or other beverages, or often add a few droppers full into a warm bath to make it more relaxing. 

As you can see, the ways to use a cannabis tincture are only as endless as the imagination, which is why these types of cannabis products are gaining notoriety. If you’re interested in trying a marijuana tincture, check out Terrasana’s most popular products.

Terrasana’s Most Popular Marijuana Tinctures

Many of the tinctures found at Terrasana are formulated with a blend of different cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC. With all the available variations, you really can tailor your tincture experience to your specific needs. Having said that, it’s wise to browse Terrasana’s products online so you can discover exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some of our most popular products. 

  • Butterfly Effect by Grow Ohio features 660 mg of THC created to deliver a quick and effective experience when ingested under the tongue. The experience will last for up to six hours, providing maximum relaxation and calm. Plus, it tastes like a delicious piece of cake. 
  • Tyson 2.0 Sublingual Spray by Beneleaves provides a quick and easy spritz under the tongue with 400 mg of sativa THC (about 80 sprays per product). It tastes like orange punch, plus all the THC is nano-infused with Toad Strain terpenes. 
  • 2:1 Dream Spray by Beneleaves is the perfect marijuana tincture for night time. It includes 66.4 mg of indica THC (about 80 sprays per product with 2.5 mg THC per spray) that help relax and soothe you before falling asleep. It has a delicious tropical flavor. 
  • One Origin Relief Tincture by Onederful combines cannabinoids CBD, CBG, and THC to maximize and deliver pain-relieving, relaxing, and soothing benefits quickly. It’s formulated with 440 mg CBD, 440 of CBD, and 220 mg of THC and includes an easy-to-use dropper that helps you get a consistent dose every time you use it. 
  • 1:1 Citrus Tincture by Firelands Scientific blending the benefits of CBD and THC, this marijuana tinctures features a potent mixture of 110 mg CBD and 110 mg of THC (3.7 mg CBD and 3.7 mg THC per 1 fl oz/ 30 ml) per bottle. It’s easy to use, includes a refreshing citrus flavor, and provides a fast effect that helps calm and soothe from head to toe.

The marijuana tinctures listed above are just a few of our most popular cannabis products offered at Terrasana. If you’re interested in trying a marijuana tincture, visit us online to browse our tincture products or come into one of Terrasana’s Ohio locations in Cleveland, Columbus, Fremont, or Springfield for personalized recommendations. We look forward to helping you online and in person. 

About Terrasana

At Terrasana, our team is committed to providing cannabis education, natural marijuana treatment options, and exceptional care to Ohio’s medical marijuana patients. Our company is focused first and foremost on creating a safe and welcoming environment for our patients and offering products that are carefully curated to provide quality care. We are also proud to be the only Ohio medical cannabis company operated by a Physician and Doctor of Pharmacy, as well as the first cannabis company to open a dispensary location in Central Ohio.

Each of our Ohio dispensaries offers its own unique menu of medical marijuana products including edibles, cannabis tinctures, topicals, vapes, and more. Every Terrasana cannabis dispensary also operates under a comprehensive set of guidelines and protocols as defined by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, ensuring a secure and compliant experience for all of our Ohio patients.

Terrasana helps patients along their personal healing journey by empowering them with education and providing safe access to natural medical marijuana from the good earth.

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