The Process of Ordering Cannabis Online at Our Ohio Dispensary

Due to its convenience, as well as many other factors, online shopping has increased in popularity whether you’re buying a cool new pair of sneakers, a present for your grandma’s 80th birthday, or cannabis in Ohio. While finding those sneakers and a present for gram-gram doesn’t come with requirements, shopping online for marijuana products does. Thankfully, Terrasana knows a thing or two about helping customers shop for marijuana online. Here’s what you’ll need in order to successfully purchase cannabis online in Ohio.

Browse an Ohio Dispensary, Shop Cannabis Online, and Confirm Your Pick-Up

Purchasing cannabis products online in Ohio is simple. It’s kind of like placing an order from your favorite take-out restaurant. Simply visit a dispensary’s online shop like this one from Terrasana and browse through the available medical marijuana products. You’ll be able to choose the location closest to you and shop online by product type, whether you’re interested in marijuana flower, edibles, tinctures, vapes, or topicals. You will also be able to find the marijuana accessories you need online as well. 

Once you’ve chosen the cannabis products you’d like to purchase online from an Ohio dispensary, add them to your cart and place an online pre-order. During this process, you will be asked to confirm your name and contact information. If you’re a medical marijuana patient caregiver, be sure to enter your patient’s name, not your own. You will also be asked to confirm your desired payment method. Terrasana dispensaries accept cash and debit cards, although there are a few more requirements if you’d like to use your debit card. 

Once you’ve entered your contact information and desired payment method, you’ll be asked to choose a time to pick up your order. Simply select your time slot, confirm everything is correct, and place your online cannabis order. 

Picking Up Your Medical Cannabis Order 

Before you visit the cannabis dispensary, make sure you have the right documentation with you to pick up your online marijuana order. In order to purchase and pick up your medical marijuana order in Ohio you must be 21 years old. You will need to provide proof of your age with a valid, government-issued ID when you pick up your online cannabis order. You will need to provide your Ohio medical marijuana card when picking up your order as well. Make sure you have this documentation with you before you leave the house.

Once your cannabis order is ready, you’ll receive a text from your local Ohio marijuana dispensary that your online order is available for pick-up. At Terrasana, we highly recommend that you don’t come to one of our Ohio dispensaries before you’ve received a text from us. Showing up early is great in a lot of situations, but not when picking up your online cannabis order. Being early won’t speed up your order. In fact, it might have the opposite effect and upset the queue of all the other online marijuana orders.

When you arrive at the dispensary, you will need to check in at the front desk. Simply tell them that you placed an order online and that you are there to pick it up. Once you’ve told the dispensary that you are there, they will take your information and ask you to wait while they get your order ready to go. As soon as your order is ready, a Terrasana staff member will call you up to the pickup register, a Patient Consultant will review your documentation, take your payment, and complete the transaction. Done and done.

Ordering cannabis products online and picking them up at an Ohio marijuana dispensary is convenient and easy, especially if you follow the advice above. 

Terrasana is here to help make sure that purchasing cannabis online is a smooth process. Visit us online to shop and pick up at one of our Ohio locations in Cleveland, Columbus, Fremont, or Springfield. We look forward to helping you online and in person. 

About Terrasana

At Terrasana, our team is committed to providing cannabis education, natural marijuana treatment options, and exceptional care to Ohio’s medical marijuana patients. Our company is focused first and foremost on creating a safe and welcoming environment for our patients and offering products that are carefully curated to provide quality care. We are also proud to be the only Ohio medical cannabis company operated by a Physician and Doctor of Pharmacy, as well as the first cannabis company to open a dispensary location in Central Ohio.

Each of our Ohio dispensaries offers its own unique menu of medical marijuana products including edibles, cannabis tinctures, topicals, vapes, and more. Every Terrasana cannabis dispensary also operates under a comprehensive set of guidelines and protocols as defined by the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program, ensuring a secure and compliant experience for all of our Ohio patients.

Terrasana helps patients along their personal healing journey by empowering them with education and providing safe access to natural medical marijuana from the good earth.

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