Brand: Lighthouse Sciences

Sunset Sherbert (glacier diamonds) Live Resin


This strain features a sweet, dessert-like flavor profile with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry Cannabinoids (per package) Total THC: 1835.31mg (Delta-9 THC: 22.42mg, THCa: 2067.15mg, Delta-8 THC: ND, THCv: ND) Other Cannabinoids: 30.99mg, CBG: 13.86mg Terpenes: (Total 4.81%) Limonene: 1.11% | b-Caryophyllene: .90% Linalool: .65% | b-Myrcene: .59% a-Humulene: .55% | b-Pinene: .19% Fenchol: .25% | a-Pinene: .13% a-Bisabolol: .12% | Valencene: .12% Menthol: .12% (*varies slightly per batch*)



About the brand :
Lighthouse Sciences

Lighthouse Sciences exists to improve the lives of others through innovative and uniquely formulated top-tier cannabis offerings. Their medically researched development efforts produce products of the highest quality, safety, and consistency you’ll find in the Buckeye State. They unite cutting-edge, medically-backed cannabis research with the ancient art of herbalism to give you a tool for improved living.

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