Price Match Policy

If you have found a product for a lower price at a different dispensary, please notify the Patient Consultant helping you next time you are in store.

Eligible products must meet the following criteria:

  • Size, brand and strain of the advertised product must be the same as the product at Terrasana.
  • THC must be within 3% of the advertised product for flower and 25mg for all other products.
  • Advertised product must be from an Ohio dispensary within 35 miles of the Terrasana location you are shopping at.
  • Retail Price of the advertised product must be the current price on the same day you are shopping at Terrasana.
    • Price match not eligible on items on offer at other dispensaries. Price match only valid on full Retail Prices without any other offers or veteran/indigent discounts. Item needs to be in stock at Terrasana.

The competitor’s price is subject to matching. The competitor must be a licensed dispensary retailer in the state where the original purchase was made. The customer must provide proof of competitor pricing. Proof provided must be reputable and verifiable. Proof must include a competitor’s menu and must be provided to Terrasana on the same day it is being advertised by a competitor. The proof is subject to rejection by Terrasana. Rewards, points programs and veteran/indigent discounts do not apply. Products must be in stock on that day. No other offers or discounts may apply to price match. Price matching does not apply to limited quantities or specials.