Brand: Standard Farms

Milk Chocolate Smores | Bar | [95.04mg]


10 pieces per pack, 10mg per piece

Smores: A familiar summertime favorite, this bar has all of your favorite flavors from the campfire staple. Creamy milk chocolate infused with all-natural marshmallow extract and a special blend of dry ingredients that delivers the three layers of flavor in one bite. The bottom of these bars is coated in a blend of graham cracker sugar for a textural and flavor contrast of the bar itself. No fluff or frills, this bar is exactly what you would expect executed perfectly. The Smore's bar is just as approachable as it is delicious. Utilizing the Valrhona ANDOA Milk Chocolate couverture, these bars are comprised of certified organic/fair trade 39% milk chocolate, sourced from a single location in Peru. The producer of this chocolate is a local cocoa cooperative called "COOPÉRATIVA NORANDINO". With a creamy mouthfeel and a hint of natural acidity from the Peruvian cocoa, "ANDOA Milk is a melt-in-the-mouth chocolate with a powerful, authentic milk flavor and powerful cocoa notes."

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About the brand :
Standard Farms

Standard Farms believes medical marijuana has potential to improve our quality of life. That’s why they set the standard for modern medical marijuana. They cultivate new opportunity to realize the plant’s potential with a combination of cutting-edge science and proven farming methods. They nurture not just plants, but also people in pursuit of fulfillment.

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